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Nutritional Consultations

Good nutrition can help the body heal naturally. Many doctors encourage their patients to visit with a nutritionist, knowing that lifestyle changes are necessary for good health. Today many treatment options point towards a more holistic approach, including healthy weight-loss, sports nutrition, disease prevention and general well-being. 


Initial consultation - $70  
    Includes health history review
    Food diary evaluation
    60-70 minute consultation with recommendations and nutrition plan

Follow-up consultations 
    60 minute consultation - $59

10-Week Weight-Loss Program- $285 (5 visits) 
    Lose weight by learning how to eat healthy
    What you learn will last a lifetime!
Couple's Weight-Loss Program- $470 (5 visits)
Many couples benefit from learning healthy eating habits together
The Edge Sports Nutrition Series - $125 per team/session
    Sports nutrition workshops for your team
    Individual sports nutrition sessions - see below
The Edge Sports Nutrition Individual Program - $99 (2 visits)

Family Nutrition Kick-Start Program- $70 
    Providing you with tools to help your family
    Nutrition "tool kits" for children ages 4-12 and nutrition packets for teens
General Wellness Kick-Start Program - $150 (3 visits) 
    Teaching you how to eat healthy for the rest of your life! 

Personalized meal plan - $99 
    Need help planning healthy meals?
    Gluten-free and allergy free options available

Phone consultation $30/30 minutes
    Great for out of town or busy clients 

Shop-with-you service - $85     
    1 hour of educational grocery shopping with a nutritionist!

Gift certificates- any amount

Hours of operation: weekdays by appointment, some Saturday appointments available. Call 303.618.7899, or email  darci@attainablenutrition.com to schedule.

Only cash or checks made payable to Attainable Nutrition are accepted at this time. We do not accept insurance. However, our rates are comparable to most insurance co-pays and there are no deductibles.


OUR MISSION is to help you develop
 and maintain a dedication to healthy living.

You can do it, reach for it!




            Nutritional consulting provides educational information about natural healing options that are not intended as diagnosis, prescription or cure for any disease. Nutrition suggestions should not be used as a substitute for or to countermand the advice given to you by your physician. Please see your physician for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Returned checks will be assessed a $30 penalty as well as accrued bank fees. Cancellations are billable at half rate per appointment without 24-hour notice.

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